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If you don't understand a thing look it up on youtube

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"If I imagine, I see. What else do I do if I travel? Only the extreme weakness of the imagination justifies that one must move to feel"
Fernando Pessoa

"Irregularities and exceptions are often what prevents the system from crashing"
Hans Ulrich Obrist

The point is not to see the artwork where there is but where is not there. It does not waste time or money. The museum is always where you are. (Luca Rossi)

"“Digital as a dimension of everything" was a motto coined by the Tate in 2013. If this credo hasn't come to your local art museum, it will soon. The tension/fusion between smartphone and art will clearly be one of the dominant themes of the immediate future." (Ben Davis)

If you don't understand a thing look it up on youtube

3D letters 50x50 cm, various material. 

Made of ceramic by Castelli Masters in the exhibition "Visione Territoriale" (July 2014) curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio:

If You Don't Understand Something, Look It Up on YouTube
3D letters 50x50 cm, black Castelli ceramic, 2014. 

Luca Rossi's work is the ceramic transposition of the code IMG 3733, a sequence of letters and numbers referring to the title any iPhone arbitrarily ascribes to a video. They are usually "test" or documentation videos that immortalize marginal or private moments of users from all over the world. The system generally uploads the videos automatically, so that when the code is typed in the search box, a long list of videos comes up. Using ceramic, Luca Rossi wanted to render the fluidity of videos in a sculptural form. Tradition and contemporaneity coexist in the work: the ancient ceramic material lends form to one of the most widespread symbols of our contemporary world. In Luca Rossi's artwork, the encounter/clash between the rigor of tradition and the overproduction of images becomes a way to provide a criterion to manage this chaos. The ceramic sculpture leaves no room for conventional figuration. The artist observes. "If we don't understand the work of art, we are simply beckoned by the title to look on YouTube for that thing we don't understand." 


If you don't understand a thing look it up on youtube

3D letters 50x50 cm, black Castelli ceramic, 2014.